Cassiterite crystallises in the tetragonal crystal system with the chemical composition SnO2 and develops mostly short to long, prismatic, acicular or bipyramidal crystals, but also granular to massive aggregates with brown-black, grey, yellow-brown, green or red colouration. It is smelted at temperatures of around 1000 degrees Celsius.


With a theoretical tin content of 78.8 percent, cassiterite is the only tin ore, with worldwide significance. The tin extracted from cassiterite is used as a non-toxic, rust-resistant coating for steel containers (tinplate), as well as for the production of various household items, cars and machinery.

Available at TM-Trade Minerals:

Deliverable form:         Sn2O5

Deliverable content:   Up to 72,27 %

Packing unit:                On request

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