Copper ores are common in nature. Copper matte is extracted from chalcopyrite as an intermediate step in the production of copper. As a pure metal, copper has a bright red colour and leaves a pink streak. Some of the chemical properties of copper resemble those of silver and gold, in the same group. With a density of 8920 kg /m3, copper is one of the heavy metals. Its melting point is 1083.4 ° C.


Copper is used for coins, power cords, jewellery, cutlery, fittings, kettles, precision parts, works of art, musical instruments, piping, and more. Pure copper is well suited to use in electrical cables, cords, conductors and components due to its high electrical conductivity. It has a high reflectance in the infrared spectrum, leading to its use as a mirror for carbon dioxide laser beams. Copper is suited to heat dissipation due to its very high thermal conductivity.

Available at TM-Trade Minerals:

Deliverable form:         Cu2O5

Deliverable content:   Up to 60,49 %

Packing unit:                On request

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