We support companies from industry and trade in the procurement of raw materials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
TM-Trade Minerals supplies companies that process raw materials into technology metals.


We offer our customers certified, conflict-free and sustainable raw materials that are backed by certificates and a traceable supply chain.

The origin of the raw materials is documented by the government, and so our customers demonstrably acquire their products from conflict-free regions.

TM-Trade Minerals procures its raw materials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo through officially certified and government-approved mines from the regions of Bukavu, Goma and Katanga.

7 reasons why companies choose TM-Trade Minerals:

  • The solid government contacts in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • The structured distribution in Germany
  • The high quality
  • The fair prices of the products
  • The integrity of the supply chain
  • The documentation of conflict-free and sustainable procurement
  • Our contracts and data protection are handled based on German law.

TM-Trade Minerals is one of the few companies active in Germany that deals in raw materials or raw ores, such as coltan ore, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in the process adheres strictly to EU and international guidelines on raw materials.

Our good relationship with the Congolese government is based on our meticulousness and the utmost priority we place on safety, health and the protection of people when dealing with our products, as well as environmental protection.

We would be pleased to advise you personally.