Sense of responsibility 

TM-Trade Minerals sets itself high standards when it comes to corporate governance and assuring quality. Our concepts and decisions are designed to create long-term competitiveness and success for our clients as well as for our own business.

We offer the best in the way of quality, reliability and flexibility at competitive prices. Delivery is agreed after arrangement and order with our customers. The logistics will be assured by one of our German air and sea freight partners and delivered throughout Europe.

TM-Trade Minerals is one of the few commodity traders and points of contact in Germany to work closely with the Congolese government. Our local involvement is geared towards a fruitful and constructive exchange on sustainability and the environment.

We set ourselves the goal of providing services of the highest quality. We offer sustainable, competitive advantages through our portfolio structure, cost structure and many years of experience.

TM-Trade Minerals is your competent partner in Germany when it comes to raw materials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.