Coltan is a highly sought-after mixture of columbite and tantalite. Coltan is primarily used to obtain tantalum and its close companion niobium. There is hardly any natural product so able to offer versatile uses in almost all areas of human life as the metals of the vanadium group.


Very hard, refractory material with a melting point of 2996 ° C and non-toxic – these are the properties that make tantalum (Ta) an indispensable raw material. Tantalum also cannot absorb any acid, even when it is present in large quantities. Tantalum is similar to niobium, always occurring with it; it is platinum grey, corrosion-resistant, tough and extremely chemically resistant

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Deliverable form:        Raw ore (Ta2O5)

Deliverable content:   Up to 45 %

Packing unit:                On request

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Tantalum and niobium are used, among other things, by electronics manufacturers in the manufacture of smartphones and tablets, and in medicine, rocket technology, nuclear technology, electrical engineering, vehicle construction and reactor construction. Where particularly high demands are placed on machine parts (e.g., spinnerets, cutting blades or engine blades), tantalum niobium alloys are used. Tantalum also serves well as an electrode material with gold and silver electroplating. Its ability to form a wafer-thin, dense oxide layer is harnassed in microelectronics in order to produce small, large-capacity electrolytic capacitors. Computers and mobile phones also contain many tantalum components.